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Curious human-being.
ha nguyen tri

Ha Nguyen Tri (a.k.a Tri Rom) is well regarded as one of the most captivating contemporary artists in Vietnam.

"I am self-taught. Hence, I see the world not by the book, but by my mind." - Ha Nguyen Tri

Not graduated from any arts school, Ha Nguyen Tri has paved a unique path compared to that of other fellows. Going through an arduous early life, Tri had to do different jobs, including quality control position at IKEA, to make ends meet. Those abundant personal experience gave him tremendous aspects of life which later were translated into his paintings. 

His close friend, the prominent artist Le Trieu Dien whose paintings are displayed at the top-notched Dumonteil gallery, once commented that “Tri Rom is probably the most interesting Vietnamese artist to look out for.”







Ha Nguyen Tri (top left) with other artists from Mekong Art

Upcoming exhibitions

Exhibitions featuring Tri's artworks

Jun 04 - Jul 09

Nord Art 2022

Nord Art is a famous international art exhibition,  featuring most promising artworks all over the world. Only 2 Vietnamese artists get accepted, including Tri.

triển lãm evergreen
Jun 04 - Jun 10


Evergreen is an important group exhibition, showcasing potential and meaningful pieces from top artists in Ho Chi Minh City.

Aug 06 - Sep 05

Dekor x Tri Rom

A solo exhibition at Dekor’s showroom in Phu Quoc (Vietnam) to highlight the application of arts in interior design.

Tri's paintings are remarkable. Getting indulged in his works, one may find her true self.

Johny nguyen

Director, LSM Group

tri rom

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Latest artwork

Some of Ha Nguyen Tri's paintings. Please contact for more details.
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