tri rom

The miraculous process

I have never thought I would be an artist, yet life unfolds in a way that I am now grateful for, to be an art deliverer. Starting from zero, I am fortunate to receive meaningful instructions from amazing artists and enrich my style from different perspectives. 

Getting approved by Nord Art and other exhibitions, though the first big step, is such a great motivator for me that I would love to use this opportunity to perfect myself and also give back to the community in any way I could. 

nord art

Some featured works:

It's not being weird, but being true to yourself. It's the only way to touch people's soul.

Ha Nguyen Tri (Tri Rom)

I am now in collaboration with Dekor, an interesting interior design company, to bring arts to life. I really hope that my works will not be limited to only canvas, but other materials with different approaches. I will get you updated on my new projects and fascinating events!







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